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Welcome to Sherbrooke, a city where hospitality is a tradition!

To walk around with a Greeter is to discover the heart of Townships in the most authentic way


passionate volunteering citizens

2 h

of entertaining discoveries

What is a Greeter?

A Greeter is a citizen who welcomes you during your stay and shows you around the city in an intimate and friendly way. It’s the most authentic experience, as the Greeter shares their favourite places, the stories that shaped their neighbourhood, and the things they love most… A friendly walk that will certainly make you want to stay in Sherbrooke longer!

Notre métier

Meet the Greeters: Passionate Sherbrookers and their Fascinating Stories

Since 2015, the Sherbrooke Greeters have welcomed visitors from several countries including England, Argentina, Belgium, the United States, France, India, Mexico, not to mention visitors from other regions of Quebec and even Sherbrooke citizens. The Greeters suggest an itinerary to discover the city of Sherbrooke and its hidden gems according to your interests and what you want to see.

Louise 4.JPG

3 areas to discover and a whole lot of anecdotes

Greeters are passionate about their city. They know its history and what makes it unique. Here are 3 beautiful areas that are worth discovering with a Greeter during your stay in Sherbrooke.

Thinking of visiting Sherbrooke?


Want to become a Greeter?  

If you are a Sherbrooke lover, that you would like to share your passion with people from different cultures and you are available 2 hours a month, the Sherbrooke Greeters network welcomes you with open arms!

Discover Sherbrooke and its hidden gems!

This year, our tourism magazine exchanges the traditional lists of things for the words of the people who shape Sherbrooke every single day. The city is revealed at the pace of its people and their favourite places.



Aurélie, France

“Just a few words to say how much we loved sharing a morning with our Greeter! She made us discover places that we would not have thought of going.”
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