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The Greeters

Suzie Giroux

Eight years ago, I attended a presentation on being a Greeter: to be a sociable citizen, who loves their city and who wants it to be well known. I recognized myself. It’s been more than 100 years since my ancestors settled here.

I have been retired for seven years. I worked for 25 years at the SAQ, I have an MBA, and I own four houses. I am very active and I like to play sports: downhill and cross-country skiing, skating, golfing, and hiking.

I like to cook and host. I am treasurer on a board of directors for a group advocating gender equity in places of power.

And a few times a year, I make little trips all over the planet: I did Canada by car, 5,000 km, at the age of 16, and I travel around Quebec regularly. Florida more than 10 times, Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Iceland, San Francisco, Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, Vancouver five times, Magdalen Islands four times, Cuba twenty times, Mexico six times, Dominican Republic three times, France five times, Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium, Greece, Turkey.

And there is still so much to see…


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