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The Greeters

Jocelyne Brasseur

When I retired, I became a member of the Bromptonville Heritage Committee, with which I have the mandate of helping preserve the history of Brompton. I was the instigator and the project manager of “Jadis un village,” a DVD that includes a collection of testimonies from the people who built what was once Bromptonville.

Also, for the past 15 years, I have been pursuing the inspiring hobby that is the art of watercolour. To help me keep the flame burning and to recharge my batteries, I am a member of a group of watercolourists: “Les aquarellistes du lundi,” which is based here in Sherbrooke. I also share this passion by giving workshops in a women’s centre.

I like history, I like to learn about what existed before us. I like to immerse myself in the lives of those who lived our past and the challenges they were able to overcome to offer us the life we have today.


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