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The Greeters

Sylvie Joubert

Hello, I’m Sylvie, and I have been part of the friendly Greeters gang for the last 8 years. I always love welcoming people with open arms and explore our beautiful city together.

Although I have slightly exceeded the age of 65, I still work, albeit at a slower pace, with newcomers as an integration officer. Through fun and practical activities, I help them understand the workings of our society.

I also have an artistic side, and the good Lord has endowed me with a pretty voice. I no longer count the choirs in which I have been a part since my younger days. I occasionally have the opportunity to play characters for one-time events related to history, which is one of my passions. My life’s path has been punctuated by extended stays abroad, which have sparked my great interest in languages. I speak fluently English and Spanish and now I finally realized my dream of a two-month stay in Italy with the aim of studying Italian. For now, my Italian is functional, but I will go back! Finally, I make sure winter is fun and my passion during those months is ice skating. Last year, in a dull period tinged with the pandemic, I set myself the goal of doing 50 ice skating outings, by skating for a good cause and collecting donations for Moisson Estrie. I don’t need to tell you that I was in great shape by the end of the winter.

Other than that, I have a cat named Mitsi. I regularly write in my gratitude journal for the thousand and one little joys of daily life.

Looking forward to welcoming and getting to know you!


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