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The Greeters

Diane Mercier

For a long time, I had a secret dream that did not seem to correspond to my sociogeographical origins: becoming a guide. However, imagining myself communicating information about a tourist-worthy place, an area, a city, or even a region was a picture of myself that I liked.

The idea settled a bit while visiting Versailles, a bit more on a bus offering a sightseeing tour in New York, and again during a trip to Tunisia, etc. I was fascinated by the prospect of collecting knowledge and anecdotes to then be able to share them with anyone who could be as curious as myself.

I like to travel in a relaxed, but smart way. I like to gather information until I am organized enough to abandon any plan that could be rigid and stuffy. Going with the flow, adapting to the people with whom I deal, I love it. When I was teaching, it seemed to me that when a class was less willing or not very receptive, it was appropriate to know how to branch out to another subject or approach the subject from different angles likely to be more captivating and timely. I don’t like monotony, and causing boredom or disinterest feels very disrespectful to me.

To me, every Greeters outing is rejuvenating. While rediscovering my city, I realized that meeting people is another way to travel. I learn something every time. And it gives me a lot of satisfaction!


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