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The Greeters

Nicole Robitaille

Welcome dear visitors,

I have been a greeter for several years. Openness to others and to the world is what I thrive on.

Retired, but always busy. For 45 years, I have been devoting my volunteer hours to an organization welcoming immigrants. My other hobbies include walking, reading, and gardening.

In university, I studied geography and history.

I taught in high school as well as university (to future teachers) for 40 years.

Worked in cooperation in order to share our experiences, our expertise for the well-being of humans and the planet.

Explored the world. Since my teenage years, I have had the privilege of travelling to and working in several countries. This is what I wanted to convey to my students by organizing trips annually in order to broaden their horizons.

Meeting people from all over, exchanging, and sharing our cultures while making them discover the beauties of my city. Born in the Sherbrooke region, I studied here, I worked here, and I still live here (in the borough of Lennoxville).

Opening up to others by sharing their daily lives. It was during a trip to the Maghreb countries that I realized the privilege of being accompanied by people from the area. They want to share their knowledge and make us discover the charms of their city. It’s like visiting friends.

Looking forward to taking a walk with you,



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