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The Greeters

Chantal Turgeon

I chose to become a Greeter because I love Sherbrooke. It is such a well-located city, with its living waterways, its beautiful wooded areas, and a golf course in the heart of the city.

I love sports and I love the outdoors. I like hiking, cycling, and swimming. My hobbies included cinema and literature. I really like to exchange with people on different topics such as travel and culture in general.

I was a teacher for 33 years. I work part-time at Bishop’s University and at the Sherbrooke Tourist Information Office. I volunteer for the Aube-Lumières House and the Uplands Museum.

My many trips to Europe have inspired me in many ways. I discovered rich cultures: folklore, wonderful castles surround by vast gardens, museums, and especially having tea and exchanging with people.


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