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The Greeters

Michael Jacques

The word that best describes me is eclectic! A historian on paper, I have also been a handyman, a guide, a call centre agent, a bookstore clerk, a lecturer at the University for Seniors, an immigration job counsellor, and a microbrewery manager. I have been a researcher for the Bromptonville Heritage Committee for more than 10 years and have represented Brompton on the toponymy committee and on the town planning advisory committee of the city of Sherbrooke. As for my personal life, I am a father with a strong interest for cooking, literature, guitar playing, and singing. I am currently trying to get my first novel published, a historical fiction set in nineteenth-century Sherbrooke.

As managing director of the nanobrewery and historical interpretation centre L’Ancienne Forge in Brompton, I like the opportunity to meet people and discuss the history of the Eastern Townships with everyone!


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