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  • What is a Greeter?
    A Greeter is a citizen aged between 18 and 80 who voluntarily accompanies visitors passing through Sherbrooke as they would welcome friends. They are a motivated, open-minded, sociable, and generous person. They are not a professional guide, but a volunteer from Sherbrooke who wishes to share their love of the city through a walk of about two hours. Each walk is unique, authentic, free, and, of course, friendly.
  • Who are the Greeters walks for?
    The walks are aimed at individuals, families, couples, or groups of friends. Groups are limited to six people in order to keep the spirit of conviviality. Children must be accompanied by a person aged 18 and over. The walks are aimed at all those wishing to live a different experience, discover Sherbrooke’s culture and people through the eyes of its inhabitants.
  • Can I change the time slot of a reservation?
    If your time slot has already been reserved and you need to cancel your walk or change the time, please reply to the booking confirmation email with the new information. Ideally, this request must be made 24 hours in advance. To modify your request or for any questions, you can contact the Greeters Sherbrooke Network by email at
  • What happens when you submit your booking request for a walk with a Greeter?
    Once your reservation request has been submitted, the Sherbrooke Tourist Information Office will contact the group of Greeters to find out if a person is available on the requested date and time. When we have a confirmation of availability, we will contact you by phone or email to tell you which Greeter will accompany you and the meeting place for your walk.
  • What to do if you plan to be late at the designated time for your walk with your Greeter?
    If you expect to be late for your walk, please notify the Sherbrooke Tourist Information Office at 819-821-1919 or contact your Greeter directly*. If you do not do this, the Greeter is released from their commitment after waiting for 15 minutes at the meeting place. *It is important to notify your Greeter or the Sherbrooke Tourist Information Office as soon as possible.
  • How much does a walk with a Greeter cost?
    All walks are free and they will always be free. Greeters don’t expect any kind of tip.
  • How many people can accompany you on your walk with a Greeter?
    Greeters’ walks can be done in groups of up to six people. They are private walks intended for a small group of tourists. If your group exceeds six people, you can contact the Tourist Information Office to find out your options. The number of people must be specified in the reservation. If you wish to take a city tour with professional guides, please contact the Sherbrooke Tourist Information Office at 819-821-1919 to be directed to the right service.
  • Is it possible to make an exception for a group of more than six people?
    Unfortunately, no! Greeters are volunteers and not professional guides. For this reason, we limit groups to six people. Please contact the Sherbrooke tourist information office ( to find out the options available to you.
  • In case of bad weather, does the Greeters walk take place?
    Yes! Our Greeters will show you the city, rain or shine! If there is rain on the horizon, we recommend that you bring an umbrella. If it is cold, we recommend that you dress warmly. As long as the conditions allow it, your walk will take place and your Greeter will meet you at the scheduled time and place. However, if you wish to cancel, you can contact the Tourist Information Office by phone at 819-821-1919 or reply to your confirmation email, and this, at the latest, one hour before your walk.
  • Where should you meet your Greeter depending on the chosen neighbourhood?
    For walks in downtown Sherbrooke, your meeting point is the Sherbrooke Tourist Information Office located at 785 King Street West, Sherbrooke, Quebec, J1H 1R8. For walks in Lennoxville, your meeting point is the Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre located at 9 Speid Street, Sherbrooke, Quebec, J1M 1R9. For walks in Brompton, your meeting point is the Ancienne Forge located at 49 Saint-Lambert Street, Sherbrooke, Quebec, J1C 0N7.
  • Your walk is in Bromptonville or Lennoxville — how to get to these areas by public transport?
    For Lennoxville, take the number 2 bus. Please see the route planner of the Société de transport de la ville de Sherbrooke (STS). For Brompton, take the number 51 bus. Please see the route planner of the Société de transport de la ville de Sherbrooke (STS).
  • What happens when you book a Greeter’s walk?
    Before the walk In order to benefit from the Greeter’s presence, each visitor or group of visitors must book their walk by filling out the booking form for the neighbourhood they want. Please note that booking a walk within a period of less than 48 hours before the desired date and time is not possible. When we can confirm the availability of a Greeter, we will contact the person, to make an official reservation of the walk (reminder of the date and time as well as the meeting place). Please note that the visitor’s cell phone number will be communicated to the Greeter, and vice versa, if and only if the visitor and the Greeter agree to the exchange of this information. During the walk Each walk is unique: it is “tailor-made” according to the visitor’s request, the Greeter who welcomes him, and other criteria such as the weather, the mutual interests between the visitor and the Greeter, etc. The Greeter can welcome the visitor or visitors alone or with a person of their choice, depending on the visitors. For example, if the visitors are with family, the walk can be done with the Greeter’s family or with one of their children, always favouring the maximum of six people. The meeting lasts about two hours, but it can last longer as long as the Greeter and the visitor(s) agree. If expenses are incurred (drinks in a cafe, bus tickets, entrance fees, etc.), each person pays for their personal expenses. The Greeter has no obligation to pay for the visitor(s) and vice versa. The visitors are informed of those rules and agree to respect them. If this is not the case (significant or unjustified delay, lack of respect, lack of interest in the walk, etc.), the Greeter will be released from their welcoming commitment. If, for their part, the Greeter does not respect the established rules, Destination Sherbrooke is authorized to remove them from the list of Greeters. Meeting with a Greeter is completely free for the visitor, the Greeter must not accept any tip or compensation. After your walk You will receive an email thanking you for choosing the Greeters Sherbrooke Network. In the same email, you will find a link to a survey to measure your satisfaction with your walk. Your answer will help us highlight our strengths and work on our weaknesses. In addition, if you would like to share your experience or if you have any comments, you can do so here.
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