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The Greeters

Claudette Ménard

The first time I heard about the Greeters was on the radio when it was announced that Sherbrooke was the first Canadian city to join the Global Greeter Network. It caught my attention because we were talking about local volunteers “giving tours” of the city.

Since I was still working full-time, I wasn’t ready to get involved right away. In the meantime, I completed a travel consultant certificate and an accompanying guide training. Finally, the time had come for retirement from teaching. So I had more free time and the Greeters came to me. This time, I agreed to join the group, which led me to become more interested in the history of my adoptive city and to enroll in architectural history courses at the University for Seniors.

In my free time, I like to take cooking classes and try new recipes, read (historical novels, detective stories, etc.), go hiking, as well as downhill skiing. After buying a new camera, I also decided to take classes to be able to use it better during my trips and hikes. And like many, I would like to start travelling again, discover new destinations and learn more about the local history, and maybe meet a Greeter to share their passion and discover their story.

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