Proposed themes:

  • Architecture
  • English heritage
  • History and heritage
  • Murals
  • Downtown Tour

Languages spoken: English, French

I was born and grew up in Montreal, but have lived in the Eastern Townships for almost 50 years. I became a permanent resident of Sherbrooke about 10 years ago, and live in the Old North Ward, which allows me to admire the architecture of this beautiful neighbourhood by foot. I like helping my friends and family discover the murals, which tell a part of our Sherbrooke history, and above all admire the work of the muralists in creating these works of art.

In 1867, Canada became a country, and more than half the population of Sherbrooke spoke English. Through our tour, I can talk about this Anglophone heritage. The city’s toponymy honors many of the city’s pioneers. If you take a closer look at the road signs (much easier by foot), you’ll note that the small print on them allows you to learn about the origins of the street name.

In 2013, the city of Sherbrooke hosted the Canada Summer Games, and I was one of the thousands of volunteers who welcomed the young athletes and their families. I look forward to sharing my favorite parts of the city with visitors from across Quebec, Canada and from around the world.