Proposed themes:

  • Architecture
  • History and heritage
  • Murals
  • Religious buildings
  • Downtown Tour

Languages spoken: French, English, Spanish

I am a Sherbrooke resident by adoption, and was immediately won over by the city and its picturesque surroundings when I arrived. I have now lived here for more than 40 years, and I know the city and the surrounding countryside like the back of my hand. It is charming, dotted with quaint villages perched on top of a hill or nestled on the shores of a lake.

I have become passionate about ornithology since I retired. I already act as a guide for several regional organizations. As I know many of the best spots, I can help you discover our birds, both in the winter (around 40 species, including the bald eagle) and in the summer (with upwards of 50 species viewable during a session, including the colourful warbler). It is also an excellent opportunity to discover the countryside and its pastoral setting, including covered bridges from another era or riverside hiking rest areas.

I am also interested in the religious heritage of the Eastern Townships, which includes many classified churches and chapels as diverse as the immigrants that settled in the region. I can also help you discover the historical part of Sherbrooke, with its many heritage buildings and Victorian houses. And of course, I’ll guide you through the famous murals, which bring to life the city’s different historical periods of the past.

We can’t forget our Sherbrooke-based vineyard, the Halte des Pèlerins, and the other vineyards, orchards and farms in the region that will let you discover our surprisingly excellent local products.