Proposed themes : 

  • History and heritage (Evolution of Sherbrooke from 1940 until now)
  • Hydroelectricity
  • Downtown Tour

Language spoken : French, English

I was born in Sherbrooke’s East side district. During my career, I held various positions working for the firm Donahue Electric and participated in the construction of the Argyle and Youville buildings. I worked as a Hydro Sherbrooke employee for 17 years, and took my retirement after 24 years as a master electrician working for myself.

I was also a private airplane and hot air balloon pilot.

In my free time, I take courses for seniors at the University of Sherbrooke (UTA), I repair bicycles, I like to read, I travel and I have done volunteer work in Europe and South America.

I have watched the construction of the city of Sherbrooke and during our tour I would like to share the city’s evolution since 1940, with all my stories along the way.