Sherbrooke Greeters

Proposed themes:

  • Arts
  • Green spaces
  • History and Heritage
  • Murals
  • Downtown Tour

Languages spoken: French, English

With its abundant nature, numerous parks and exciting cultural life, Sherbrooke has been my adoptive city for the past 35 years.

My favourite place is the “Centro”, what we residents call our downtown with all the history of this part of the city. I love it for its art galleries, concert halls, excellent restaurants and the multitude of walking paths found close by.

Sherbrooke is much more than its downtown. It’s also the Jacques-Cartier Park, with its Lac des Nations, the Mont Bellevue and Beckett Wood, just to name a few other great sites.

It would take me days to list the benefits of coming to visit Sherbrooke. As a painter and amateur actor, as well as an avid runner, I can help you discover the best parts of the Eastern Township’s largest and most beautiful city.